Day one, I explore the great chimney.


Today, we woke up and boarded our taxi to go to breakfast and our last classroom lesson.
In the class, we got a quick fish I.D. Lesson and we got debriefed on our week. We were then split up into our boat groups and we left for our first dive. We had a 15 minute ride out to the dive site. Once there, they told us what fish we might see and what to look out for while underwater. Once we were under, we did a quick refresher of how to recover our regulator if it gets knocked out of our mouth. We also did a mask clear. After that, we began swimming towards the chimney. After reaching it, we were told to swim through. It was really neat to see the coral growing off the two rock faces and to be able to see straight up to the surface.
After that thrilling experience, we headed back to the boat to go back to the dock for a lion fish dissection and shower off for dinner at mad dogs.
Today was amazing and i cant wait for more…