Day 3 – Presentations


-Ecotourism is dangerous for wildlife because it damages important habitats for local species. The reconstruction effort for wildlife habitats should be a combination of both the companies the provide tours, and the local government institution.

-Invasion of alien fish species is dangerous to fish species because it disrupts local food chain patterns, and alien fish can ruin coral reefs, because they prey on the reef faster than the reef can reproduce. There is not much attention drawn to this issue, despite the fact that it is a serious issue.

-Artificial reefs are a good substitute for real reef because it provides a habitat for fish and also it can’t be destroyed by predators. It attracts lots of fish because it is large and provides a good place to hunt/live. Also, over time, the coral will start to grow back over the artificial reef.

-Although bird mortality rates for oil spills has not been completely assessed, there is no doubt that there are large amounts of birds killed each hear by oil spills, and also animals harmed by spills on the ocean. Many oiled birds come ashore each year, which shows that there are more spills than recorded out in the ocean.