Fourth and fifth day. I learn to replant coral at Jesuit Reef, and i dive a 150 year old shipwreck.


Well, these last two days were very eventful and exciting! We woke up on saturday and headed out to jesuit reef, which is located off of virgin Gorda. We were then debriefed on our project and instructed to find fragments of coral and healthy specimens that we could break fragments off of. We then headed back to the boats and mapped out where we could go to gather these fragments. After this and another debriefing, we prepped our gear and began diving to gather our fragments. While down under, we were able to spy a spotted moray eel and some other cool fish. We returned to the surface for lunch and preparation for our next dive. We were given clipboards which told each buddy group where to go for their replanting. After finishing our assignment, we headed back to the boat and saw a jack knife fish. We then headed back home to prep for dinner on the beach and night snorkeling. We were able to see some tarpin and squid along with sleeping parrotfish. the next day, we woke up and prepared for our final two dives and our last snorkel. we had a twenty minute ride out to the rhone and then had our debriefing for that dive. once our gear was set up, we began our decent to 70′ and came upon the rhone, or at least the front half of it. we swam around it and saw a huge angelfish about the size of a large dinner platter and also came upon a hawksbill sea turtle about the size of our friend chad. we then swam THROUGH the rhone and saw a lobster that was bigger than a dinner plate (it looked delicious). we returned to the surface for our one hour safety stop. we then dove again but this time, we dove the stern of the ship. and saw the “Lucky porthole” which was the porthole where the only passenger who lived off the ship was staying when the ship crashed. after that, laura was able to spear a lion fish in the head. after leaving the carcass for the other fish that were closing in, we began our ascent. after reaching the boat, we headed to cooper island for fish n chips at the cooper island beach restaurant. after that, we snorkeled the sea grass beds and saw some turtles and other fish. although the swim out was very easy, the current was very strong and we had to fight to get back to the boats.