Being Touched by a Sea Turtle


Today I was rudely awakened by a rooster at 6:00 A.M.. After laying in bed awake listening to the same rooster crow for the next hour and a half, I got up and picked up my dive bag and walked down to the cattle guard to meet up with the group. After everyone was gathered we got on the taxi and went to the marina where we ate breakfast. Then we got onto the boat and went to the Salt Island where the R.M.S. Rhone rests at the bottom of the ocean. After a briefs history lesson about how the ship got to be their, and a dive brief we went down for our first dive to the bow. The ship was blown up into two pieces when it crashed, and the bow and stern were separated, and this is why we had two dives to explore the whole ship. It was cool to see how so much life was able to grow on this ship, which makes it into an artificial reef. At one point we were able to swim through the ship which was very cool. We went down to a max depth of 80ft which was the deepest depth I have ever reached and it was cool. After that dive we had a surface interval then went back down to see the stern. The stern was just as cool to see as the bow, plus I got to rub the lucky porthole, which belonged to the only passenger that survived from that wreck. After that dive we went to the Cooper Island Beach Club for a nice British lunch of fish and chips. Then Gabe, Joe, and I laid out on the beach and played a game of twenty questions. After that we went out to the nearby sea grass for a nice snorkel. During the snorkel I saw my first and only barracuda of the trip. Then I saw a Green Seat Turtle that came up to me and touched me, and I touched it shell as it swam by. Once we went all the way through the snorkel the swim back was very hard because the current picked up. After that we went back to our cabanas, showered, and I took a quick nap before dinner at Mad Dog’s. It was nacho night at Mad Dog’s, and we had a good time playing frisbee after eating. Tomorrow we have community service and free beach time for our last day. Marco Robertson Over and out.