’twas a fun two days


I slept very well two nights ago because of the turtle catching the day before. I woke up at around 7:15 and met everyone by the cattle guard at 7:45. At around 8 our taxi came and we all hopped on to go directly to the marina to eat breakfast. For breakfast I had some fruit loops, a nature valley bar, and banana nut bread. After which I got on a boat and we went out near the Jesuit reef and snorkeled for some injured or diseased coral that could be saved by replanting them. After our snorkel, everyone suited up in their scuba gear and everyone went down to collect some coral. We dove for about an hour and collected some great pieces of coral that could be used for replanting. Then we got back on the boats and had some lunch. I have a ham, cheese and turkey sandwich with some chips and peanut m&ms. After lunch we got back in the water to go and plant the coral. There were groups of threes or twos and one would plant the coral piece. Before the planting we would have to record the height and the base length. After everyone planted their coral in the specific spot every group planted one piece of coral right next to each other so it would make a gigantic reef. Then we rode the boat back to the marina and the taxi took us to Guavaberry. At Guavaberry we took showers and went back on the taxi to go to church. After, church we went and had a beach cookout with burgers and hot dogs. It was tasty. Then we suited up with mask, snorkel, and fins and went night snorkeling. It was eerie being in the ocean when it was pitch dark. Then we went back to Guavaberry and fell asleep. Today I woke up from a great sleep and met everyone at the cattle guard to get ready to go to the marina. Once there we had breakfast and went back on the boats for the last two dives of the trip. We dived the Rhone. It is a ship wreck dive and we dove to around 80 feet. Once we got down there we saw some pretty cool stuff immediately like squid and octopus. Later in the dive we saw an eel, a spotted eagle ray, and a barracuda. Then we had to come up. Once up we just hung out for 45 minutes and dived back down to another part of the Rhone. This was a shallower dive and we went around 50 feet deep. We also saw some cool fish there too. Next, we got on the boat and headed to Cooper Island where we ate lunch in a restaurant on the beach. We had fish n’ chips and they were delicious. Then, we got back on the boat and went to snorkel a seagrass bed where we saw three green sea turtles. After, we headed back to Guavaberry to shower and get ready for dinner at mad dogs’s. At mad dog’s we ate nachos and quesadillas which were very well made. And now I’m at the community room typing this to you.