Day 5 and 6: The replanting of the coral and diving of the Rhone.


I am going to be writing over two days so it might be a little long. Yesterday we woke up and had a 8 o’clock bus to catch to the marina for a full day of diving. The dive was where wewere going to find coral fragments to plant. We found six pieces almost immediately and we were able to swim around and play in sand and the bottom of the ocean.The we came back up to the surface for lunch and a briefing about how to plant the coral on the artificial reef which is made out of cinder blocks. We went to cinder block and started planting it took us about 10 minutes to measure the length, width, and plant it. Then we planted on the “school” which is a large area of cinder blocks in the center of the ring of cinder blocks.
Today we toured the RMS Rhone a old cruise ship that went down in storm in 1867. The ship was full of aquatic life including; angelfish, lionfish, butterflyfish, urchins, coral, snapper, grunt, and many others. In the first dive we saw the hull which was 40 feet wide and about 150 feet long there was a hole in the hull that we could swim into the boat through. When we got inside we saw a giant fish and a lionfish. We Sam against the current to get out of the hull. We swam around and went be to the surface. At the surface we had a talk about the history of the Rhone. Then we dove around in the water and saw a lobsters he size of both my legs. After we all surfaced we went to cooper island and had the best fish and chips I have ever had. After lunch we went snorkeling and saw a couple barracudas and other fish then went back to the boat. We went back to guavaberry and down to dinner. At the end of our quesadilla dinner we learned that we are the last Jesuit class to go to Mad Dogs because the owner Inga is selling and going to travel the world. We are sad that the diving part of our trip is over but excited to do community service tomorrow.