Day 4: the runaway turtle


My entire case woke up at 7 dead to the but excited to go turtle tagging. We listened to an interesting history of sea turtles and also how to catch and release the turtles by Dr. Gore. The sea dragons got to go first for sea turtle tagging. Right as we pulled out of the bay we saw three medium sized turtles right off the port side of the boat. We all jumped off the back of the boat and immediately we all lost the turtle and could not find it again. We all got on the boat with Dr. Gore laughing at us and joking with us about how they got away so fast. We took about a ten minute ride to a coast and the first group got into the water to start the manta tow. The manta tow is where four people jump in the water and hold on the a safety ring and get pulled by the boat. There were two group and both got thirty minutes in the water. We saw eight turtles but we were unable to catch one. David and I followed on turtle for fifteen minutes and then the boat accidentally went to close and we lost it. We had a nice burger lunch at a marina side deck. Then we went snorkeling in savannah bay and looked for and saw many types of invertebrates and different types of sponges, coral, and urchins. We finished our snorkel and went back to shore and we were able to play frisbee for the rest of afternoon. We went to Mad Dogs and had lasagna for dinner which was very good. The day was good and we are all so tired but it was all worth it.