Being at Savannah Bay means it’s a good day


Today I woke up by the annoying rooster calls. I immediately got my stuff together and went to the cattle guard to meet everyone. Once there we gathered in a community room at Guavaberry, there we ate some donuts and cereal. After breakfast we had Dr. Gore give us a presentation about sea turtles. I learned a lot about them and I found it quite interesting. Then my group, sea monkey, went to Savannah Bay. The ride to Savannah Bay was awesome, we were driving along the cliff side and you could see the Caribbean and the Mountains behind them. At Savannah Bay we went on quick snorkel trip to look at different invertebrates such as urchins. We got to hold the urchins which was fun, they are pretty funky animals. After the lesson about the invertebrates, we had about an hour of free time. During that hour, I threw the frisbee with Doc some and swam with everyone. Then we got back in the taxi and went to the marina docks where we had cheeseburgers and fries. After the delicious meal, my group got on a boat and we went to go capture and record some data about sea turtles. To spot the sea turtles we were dragged behind the boat which was fun. We spotted the first turtle which was a hawksbill and we try to catch it but it swam to deeper waters. Then we found two more, a green and another hawksbill, and we had to split up so we wouldn’t lose one turtle. Eventually we ended up getting the hawksbill turtle. Once we got it on the boat, we measure the length, width, and other aspects of the turtle. After we finished we continued searching for turtles for about 20 more minutes but then we had to head in. Once at the marina we got back on the taxi and headed back to Guavaberry to take showers and get dressed for dinner. Again, we ate at mad dogs, we had some lasagna which was good. And now we are back in the community room where I’m typing this now. And photo cred to Doc.