Bubble Baths


Today, we woke up, excited to go snorkeling and diving in the BVI. Everybody in my cabin woke up late, at a reasonable 7:30 AM, with Mr. Kirby telling us to get up. We are scurried to get our stuff together for another eventful day of adventure in the ocean. We met at the cattle guard, and walked across the street to the Internet Cafe, where we met Casey and Caitlin, accompanied by new crew member who were named Sarah and Mem. The breakfast consisting off banana bread, cereal, and various drink choices like orange juice and punch. We quickly ate our breakfast and scurried out of the Cafe to the Baths, a famous rock formation made by volcanoes millions of years ago. This was a sight that I will never forget. The big boulders sacked upon more big boulders that had stand the change of time and weather that these rocks and minerals had tested and endured. We ventured into the crevices in between these gigantors that they had created and that was an wonderful experience. We then snorkeled around the edge of the bath and saw countless numbers of parrot fish, angelfish, and butterfly fish. We also saw in my excitement a stingray and a barracuda, but still, my favorite is the princess parrotfish. When we finished our snorkel, we rested on a beach next to the baths, where we had free time to enjoy ourselves and Mother Nature We then had a beautiful prepared lunch by Casey and her crew, with the highlights of white bread, turkey, peanut better and jelly sandwiches, M&Ms, and a nice, cooling blue Poweraid. I enjoyed this lunch thoroughly, so I had 4 sandwiches. Then, Caitlin presented to the members of my boat and I a discussion about fish identification. I knew most of the fish, especially the squirrel fish, fairy basslet, and the princess parrot fish. It was an entertaining talk and I learned a lot from it. Then, we took a taxi with our driver, Glenn, to the marina, where we again, met Casey, Jeff, and the whole crew. They loaded the boat with the tanks, BCs, and regulators, and then we headed toward Ginger Island, our dive spot. Our dive was centered around fish identification, where our instructor, Laura, had a slate board that we would write on the fish that she would ask us to identify. I missed my question, but I got half of it right. I said it was a yellow-tail snapper when it was a school master snapper. The dive overall, was a fun experience next to the island that looks like a butt. We then went back to the cabin, showered, and went to Mad Dogs to have a turkey wrap and a brownie for dessert. Overall, the day was a successful day,in my eyes, and I hope the rest of the days are as fun as this one.

Picture 1: The reef is a beautiful place.