Day 3: A journey into the baths


After playing a couple card games last night we all went to bed. The wake up call this morning was a little too early after a day of diving but everyone was ready to start the day in the baths. The baths, an area of broken apart rocks that form caverns, were beautiful with plenty of fish swimming everywhere and cavern. Then we went to devils bay and started snorkeling. The water was so clear for snorkeling that we could see fish swimming 30 feet away. As we were swimming close to the end of the snorkel we saw a three foot long barracuda swim. We swam to a beach connected with Guavaberry which is our resort. We walked up to the beach and team sea dragon ( which is my boat/ dive team) and listened to a presentation on fish identification. We then had lunch we everyone wanted seeing as we had to eaten in four full hours. After lunch Chris, Michael, Sam, Jackson and I went on a snorkel over to a giant rock, and we saw a forest of fire coral. As we were swimming back I may not have know what fire coral was and dove within 4 inches of the poison ivy of the sea( which hurts at least 10x more). We left to go diving after sea monkey team finished watching their presentation. We got on the sea dragon boat with the man with the plan for his mustache Jeff (he had a very good mustache. We were able to get into the water right off the shore of ginger island. We did some fish identification looking at all kinds. With saw trumpet fish, lobster, crabs, trunk fish, jack knife fish and many other types. The dive finished and we came up from forty feet under. The day was so much fun but we are all worn out and ready for bed after a scrumptious dinner20130725-204810.jpg