Day Two: “Fun in the Sun”


Fun in the Sun

Day 2…

We had another tasty breakfast consisting of three types of bread, cereal, yogurt and a granola bar that I found in my backpack. I am enjoying my third day without braces by eating granola bars and starburst.

After breakfast we walked to an amazing rock formation called the baths. The baths is basically a huge area of beach covered by ancient granite boulders. We then snorkeled to a beach while identifying fish along the way. I added sunscreen about three times.

Right before lunch we swam around the beach and listened to Caitlin’s presentation of the “fish bible,” a magical codex that contains everything needed to identify every fish you could see in the BVI. Again, I applied a few layers of sunscreen while playing in the sun. Then we ate a healthy lunch of sandwiches and assorted chips.

Shortly after lunch, we hopped on the boats and went on today’s dive at Ginger’s Backside. One of the two Jeffs that work at Dive BVI told us a funny story about the origin of the name Ginger’s Backside but I will only retell it by appointment once I return to the states. On this dive we identified many species of fish. I applied sunscreen before we dove. (Mother, don’t read the next sentence). However, I still got sunburned and it stillburns a little. But the sunburn was worth it for the dive and the excitement of the day. (Yes mom, I did slather on my aloe gel!)

Finally, dinner rolls around and we begin the hike to the restaurant when the rain starts. We all got soaked but it soothed my sunburns so I liked it.

The combination of both sunburns and rain in the same few hours highlights both extremes of the scale of weather here in the BVI, sometimes its hot, sometimes its wet and sometimes its perfect. (Hence this post’s name “Fun in the Sun,” in both a literal and sarcastic tone.)

Hey, the weather here is better than Texas so I’ll take it rain or shine! 😉

This is a picture showing the visibility under the water and the interesting flora and fauna.