Boats ‘N Bros (2)


I was woken up at exactly 4:37 to get ready to go to the airport. So, I took a shower, packed up and left my house. To sum it all up I travelled until 4:37 to 9:30. Once we arrived at the lovely resort that goes by Guavaberry, I took a shower and went to bed. The next morning I was woken up by Doc. I got up brushed my teeth and went to breakfast with everyone. After breakfast, two of my dive leaders, whose names are Casey and Laura, did a presentation on fish identification and corals at Olde Yard Village, I thought it ’twas quite interesting personally. After those glorious presentations we had a delicious lunch filled with ham sandwiches and fluffy french fries. Then, we all squeezed into a taxi and went to the docks. When I arrived everyone had to put their tanks on the two boats we took. We got split up into two dive teams: sea dragon and sea monkey. Sea monkey is the one I’m in and it’s the best one. Then we set up our gear and went to the dive site called chimney. Supposedly, this site was one of Jacques Cousteau’s favorite dive site. When we got in the water, it was immediately awesome. Then we descended and did some little tests, like take out regulator and pick it back in. Finally we started the chimney dive. ’twas very awesome and entertaining, I repeatedly would look under rocks and corals to see if I could see anything out of the ordinary. We got the to main part of the dive where there were massive walls on both sides of you and it was filled with colorful coral. It was a delightful swim through. After out dive everyone went back to their cabins to take showers. Then for dinner we went to mad dog’s and had pizza which was pleasant and now I’m in a room filled with wi-fi typing this blog. And that sums up everything.