Day 2 of the trip (Wednesday): The first real day


I was so tired after I got off the plane last night that I did not think that the boat ride was going to be fun or that when we met the instructors, who were driving the boat, that they were going to be happy because it was ten o’clock and they were having to pick up rowdy teenagers but tot my surprise everything was the opposite of what I thought. The instructors were happy to see us and excited to meet us. The boat ride was surprisingly fun and that was to highlight of the trip until the afternoon of Wednesday when we set off for our first dive. The boat the Sea Dragon, which I was a member of, as full of excitement anxious to get in the water. We stopped the boat and dropped anchor and we finally able to jump into the water. We setup all of our gear and after find a “dive buddy” we were able to jump in. Starting off in the water the visibility was not very good for me seeing as my goggles were fogged like crazy. Once I cleared the fog out of my mask the entire underwater reef gleamed with life with little fish swimming everywhere. We swam up and down left and right forwards and yes sometimes backwards. We saw trumpet fish, yellow tail snapper, spotted lobster, fairy basslet, and many other kinds. We took a turn through a very narrow corral walled cavern with dark corals and bat fish and this narrow tunnel then as I emerged from the tunnel I accidentally tried to use my arms and accidentally swung my hand into some coral. The area that we had just swam through turned out to be Jacques Cousteau favorite dive. We then swam around back to the boat and climbed out. We drove back to the island and watch a dissection of a lionfish. We went back to the hotel showered and changed then we were off to a dinner at a place called Mad Dogs and had delicious pizza. Mad Dogs is a little shack overlooking the ocean with delicious food and very nice people. We all finished and walked back to the casas and then brought iPads down to the Internet building to start this wonderful blog. We are about to go to bed for so much need sleep.