The final day


Yesterday started of with me waking up and taking a shower after Clayton and Mat finished their shower. After we all finished with our shower, we walked down to the road, so Glenn could pick us up and take us to the BVI Office for breakfast. I had a donut and some cereal. Then we drove the boat to the Jesuit reef where we would make our artificial reef. When we got to the Jesuit reef, we first started by dropping the cinder blocks to the bottom of the ocean. After we finished that, we got into pairs so we could put our cinder blocks where we wanted them to go. When we finished making our reefs, we went do with the Marine 1 guys so they could put the coral they found on our cinder blocks. That was on another dive. Then we had lunch on the boat and went back the harbor. When we got back to the harbor, we drove back to the cottages to take a shower for Mass. At Mass, Chris and I were alter servers. After Mass, we changed clothes and walked down to the Guavaberry Beach for a BBQ. Jeff made us some hotdogs and hamburgers for dinner. After dinner, we decide to go on a night snorkel. On the night snorkel, we saw many different fish that don’t come out during the day like an octopus. When the night snorkel ended, we went back to our cottages to go to bed.

Today started when I woke up and took a shower again. After walking down to the Internet cafe, where we ate breakfast, which consisted of a bowl of cereal and a small orange, we walked up to the street, so Glenn could drive us to the dock. When we got on the dock, we had to put our gear together. Then we sailed to the middle of the ocean to go try to killed lion fish. We were forced to move to Mountain Point since the waves were to big. On our dive to kill lion fish, I was the person, who had to carry the kill box, which is the place where we put the dead lion fish. During the beginning of dive, we did not see one lion fish, but at the end the dive Jeff showed us to a small boat, where their was 6 lion fish that we executed in the water. After the dive, we went back to the dock, filleted the lion fish, and ate lunch. Then we had the rest of the day off. A bunch of the guys and I went down to the beach to play beach football. Of course my team won. After we went to the cottages to take a shower for the final dinner. At the final dinner, we got to say thank you to the instructors for all they did.