Day 5 and 6


Day 5 began with yet another early morning breakfast down at the marina. After breakfast we loaded up the boat and headed to the Jesuit Reef at Long Bay. Once we got there, we proceeded to lower all of our cinder blocks into the water in preparation of building our reef. OnCe all the blocks were lowered, we geared up and got into the water. After descending, Guy and I had to work together to get all of our blocks to a designated area and once we carried them over, a long and tiring process, we assembled them using zip ties. When we were done with assembly, we resurfaced for a quick snack. After snacking, we switched out our tanks, were paired up with a marine bio 1 guy, Nick Byrne. In our three man team, we set out to replant coral on the new structures we had just it together and if I must say so myself, it was a success. After the successful coral transplant, we got back onto the boat, had lunch and headed back to the docks, where we unloaded the boats and returned to guavaberry. At guavaberry, I took an amazing nap, showered, and got all pretty in preparation of mass. After cleaning up, we left to go to the church, where I was elected to read the first reading, which I nailed. After a brief but nice mass, we took pictures with the priest, and headed back to guavaberry where we got our beach attire back on for the barbecue on the beach. Once at the beach, we tossed the disc, and had an amazing dinner before setting out on the water for our night snorkel. As I expected the night snorkel was quite cool although we did not spot an octopus this year. Day 5 was a typical great day in the BVI.
Day 6 began as all the rest with an early morning breakfast but we ate at guavaberry. After breakfast we dropped the other class off to paint a wall, while we continued to the docks to load the boats up, and head out to Mountain Point. At Mountain Point, we geared up, got into the water, and began our lion fish hunt. After tireless searching, we came upon a murder of six lion fish. After brutally murdering all of them, in which I got to kill one with the spear gun, we headed back to the boat. After we got back to the boat, we headed back to the docks for the last time on this trip. One at the docks, we had a good lunch, and then headed back to guavaberry. Once we arrived there, we finally had some free time, in which we romped on the beach, played football in the water, and tossed the frisbee. After wearing ourselves out, we headed back to our cabins to clean up for our final dinner here. Once we arrived at mermaids for our final dinner, we began taking some final photos and then were seated and eating some delicious food. When we were done eating, everyone made their final speeches which consisted of a lot of emotion, gratitude, and smiles. Also Laura made an amazing video of the whole week which made my photos look illegitimate. This whole week has surpassed anything I could have imagined and I could not be more grateful for the whole dive BVI staff. Thank you so much Casey, Jeff Sr, Laura, Jeff Jr, and Caitlin. I have had an amazing time and if I could come back for a third time I would. Thank you.