BVI Day 5 & 6


Marine Bio 1 & 2 began our day just like any other, we took a taxi down to Casey’s office and ate breakfast down by the marina. Marine Bio 2 went to Long Bay and assembled their coral. First, Killian and I assembled his reef structures by putting them down with ropes and carrying them over to the desired areas with the lift bags given to us by Casey, Laura, Jeff, and Jeff 2.0. We connected the cinder blocks with 28 inch zip ties where they would lie ini wait for coral planting.

Killian and I went to the surface to decompress and rendezvous with Marine 1 to eat lunch. Later, we were paired with Jackson from the Marine Biology 1 and placed two pieces of coral on both Killian’s coral and my coral; however, while I was showing my padawan Jackson how to zip tie the coral to the dowel rods, a large cluster of fire coral jumped out and punched me in the knee, giving me a haymaker, that would leave huge swelling all the way through the next day and night.

Showering up, we got dressed into formal attire and waited for Glenn to take us to the chapel at the top of the hill. Once we got there, there was a beautiful view that we enjoyed, and we even saw Glenn’s house. The mass was beautiful and went over very smoothly, all except for Gavin falling into a chair during the ceremony. Gathering outside, the whole group, including Kirby, Doc, and Señor took a picture with the priest that presented mass with us.
Later that night, we headed down the road to Guavaberry Beach and had a barbecue as well as threw the frisbee with Doc and Kirb-Dog. After the wonderful dinner prepared for us by Jeff and Casey, Caitlyn led my group and I on a night dive where we saw hundreds of sea urchins, however, the other group saw an octopus.
The next day, we had breakfast at the Guavaberry Commissary, where we had to double back to our cabin (for what seemed like the length of the whole island) because we forgot our key in the door and Kirby gave us the key to lock up the safe. Then, we went to Mountain Point with both Jeff’s and a new member of the Dive BVI team: AJ. While we were underwater, I heroically killed a titan sized lion fish, saving the nearby villages, doing a great deed for the whole community; my name will be glorified and written in the stars. Immediately after feeling like a Greek hero, I was quickly made a fool of by a spotted moray eel, as it came at me and tried to bite me, thinking I had some lion fish for him. I barely evaded his bite as my camera floated between myself and the eel’s vicious teeth. Back at the marina, Jeff prepared all of the lion fish for frying, while also accidentally stabbing himself with the spines.Now here I am, preparing to go to Mermaid’s with the whole group, with a special thanks to all of Dive BVI, including Casey and Jeff McNutt, Jeff and Caitlyn, Laura, Pablo, Fernando, and AJ. Its been another amazing week everyone, and I hope I can come to this wonderful island again sometime soon.