The end


Yesterday was a great day. I was excited about yesterday because I was able to set my cinder block structure down in the Jesuit reef. It was nice to know that I was helping the reef by putting my creation down there. Moving the cinder blocks took a lot of effort though. In order to move the heavy cement structure we had to use a balloon-like structure under water help assist us with the weight under water while controlling our buoyancy. Eventually, after taking a lot of air out my tank to move the blocks and zip tie the blocks together with Joe, the structure was complete under water. All it needed now was coral to be zip tied to the sticks protruding from the blocks. Therefore, we used another tank and an added marine bio 1 student to help assist in the tying of the coral. Once we had tied our coral, I was so proud to see the fish and reef seeming to accept the blocks as part of the Jesuit reef. I hope Joe and I’s cinder blocks and coral thrive in the Jesuit reef.

After lunch on the boats we went back to the cabins to get ready for mass. When we got to the church it was so beautiful because it was atop a hill, and the view looked so wonderful with the sun at that time. After mass, we went down to the beach to eat dinner that was provided to us by Jeff, Casey, Laura, Jeff Jr., and Kaitlyn. This was my favorite dinner because the dinner was on the beach and it was so beautiful. Also, after the dinner we had a night snorkel. This night snorkel was so cool because we saw a puffer fish and an octopus. Also, we saw a squid that swam up to Christian’s shoulder. The coolest thing I saw was a lobster that was the biggest lobster I have ever seen. I had no idea that lobsters that size even existed.

The next morning we had breakfast at guavaberry and we went straight out to dive for lion fish. This dive was one if my favorite dives because we were on a mission to save the environment by killing off lion fish. Also this dive was great because I killed the biggest lion fish. It was awesome because I was able to use the spear gun with the assistance of the dive master Jeff. For lunch we had wraps and they were great, which was after we cut up the lion fish to have fried. After we left the doc we came back to have freetime on he beach. This is one of my favorite times because we all can just sit on the beach and relax. I’m excited for the dinner tonight at Mermaids and say farewell to the dive masters that have made this experience so special and unique.