Day 5 and 6 in BVI


Day 5 on BVI came and went so fast that we were unable to write blogs, so let me summarize yesterday before kicking off Day 6.

Soon after waking up we found ourselves at the harbor, setting up our dive equipment and heading out to perform the coral transplant. Using huge underwater balloons, we dropped our artificial reefs into sand about 25 feet below our boat and took them out to little sandy patches among the reef. Once we had finished, we ascended to the boat, had lunch, and was paired with a Marine Biology 1 guy to attach the coral onto the artificial reefs. My partner, Nick Rickionni, and I transplanted 3 pieces of coral onto our reef. When we finished we packed up our stuff and came home. While waiting for mass at 5, Christian, buck, and I all napped in our room. Mass was once again a wonderful experience as I alter served in a church built onto the top of a hill overlooking Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda. For our dinner, we went to our cabins, changed into bathing suits, and went to grill on the beach. Later that night we all went for a night snorkel where we were able to see a huge lobster, a couple of squid, and an octopus. After getting nice, sandy, and cold we went to the cabin showered up and hit the hay.

Our final morning in the BVI began at a nice and early 7:15, when the always stirring voice of Mr. Kirby woke us up. After a short breakfast we took the seas for our final dive of the trip and our service project, a dive to collect Lionfish. After a grueling 45 minute drive out to our dive location, called Mountains Point, we divided into teams and went under, on the hunt.

This dive was probably my favorite of the trip, where we were able to go down about 25 feet and look around rocks, under corals, and into caves for the brightly colored Lionfish. During the course of the dive, we shot and killed 4 Lionfish.

After ascending to the boat for the last time, and riding in to the Virgin Gorda dock, we had lunch and took off back towards the cabin. Now, we are sitting on the beach, chillin out, soaking up some good BVI rays, and enjoying the amazing scenery.

Life is good.