Day 5 & 6: So Fun It All Blended Together


Imagine the joy you had as a child making your imagination come to life with Legos. Now take that and put it underwater in the most beautiful part of the world. That was my day yesterday as I helped facilitate the construction of the Jesuit Reef in Long Bay off of Virgin Gorda. I myself went on three dives: one to lower the cinder block reef bases, a second to move the cinder blocks to their designated locations, and then a final one to place and measure coral samples. The entire process was fun and challenging, and I look forward to seeing the results of the planting. After we were done planting, we all had a lot of air left over, so we took to the sand patch below the boat and swam around. Fernando, one of the divemaster interns, was being tested by Jeff for his response to an unconscious but breathing diver. I got to play the part of the unconscious diver, so Fernando had the privilege of dragging me on to a boat.

Today was just as, if not more so, exhilarating. We went on one dive today, with one goal: Lionfish Eradication. Initially the Sea Monkey tried to anchor at a reef about three miles away from Virgin Gorda, but the water proved to be too choppy. I had the privilege of reeling in 200 feet of anchor line, which makes me glad to have been doing Romanian dead lifts with the swim team this year, because those hamstrings and lower back muscles sure came in handy.

We proceeded to tie up at the reef near long bay, where I set off with my team to hunt for lionfish. In the end, we managed to bring in ten total lionfish, two of which I spotted, and one of which I used the speargun on. But the dive wasn’t just a hunt. I was a vivid and beautiful dive filled with a lot of amazing creatures, including two hawksbill turtles. Definitely my favorite dive of the trip.

Upon return to port we were treated to chicken wraps at the Bath and Turtle after de-spining lionfish and providing information to passerby about the lionfish. After relaxing in the shade and attempting to climb palm trees, the group headed on to Glenn’s taxi and rode back to Guavaberry.

Here I am in the vacation home, writing my journal entry as fast as I can, listening to my music, just waiting to go play with my peers at the Guavaberry beach. Today is our last day here, and boy was it a fun one. And it’s only going to get better; after I go play in the sun, I’ll come back and pack my bags and get dressed for our farewell banquet, which will be an excellent resolution to this radical week.

Now, it’s time to go shred that sweet gnar-gnar. Peace, out.