Final Day on the island


Yesterday was a late night so we were unable to blog, but here is a quick synopsis of what occurred yesterday. The morning was the same as usual, but then we sank our cinder blocks and helped the marine 1 guys plant coral to them. This was a fun yet challenging activity. We were forced to maintain perfect buoyancy and plant coral. After the planting was finished, we headed back to the cabins and cleaned up for mass. We all enjoyed a quick and nice mass. Following mass the dive BVI crew cooked out on the beach for us. Jeff cooked up some delicious burgers. To end the night Casey took us on a wonderful night snorkel where I saw a huge lobster, an octopus, and some squid.

Today started the same as the rest, we headed to the marina and hopped on the boat. Our final dive was an interesting one. Our mission was to eliminate as many lionfish as possible. Between the two groups we captured 10 fish. Buck actually got to fire the spear gun at a fish. Catching the fish in the face, blood spewed out of it and the fish fell. This dive was located at mountain tip, near the Jesuit reef. After the dive we enjoyed some chicken wraps while Jeff sliced up the fish and gave the filets to a chef to cook for us. Finally my favorite part of the whole week has arrived. The time where we get to just hang out on the beach and chill. I have looked forward to this all week and now it is here. It is time to get out on the beach, enjoy my final few hours here in the BVI, and cherish every bit of it. It has been a great week thanks to the teachers and especially the dive BVI staff. They did so much for us this week and I can not say enough about how awesome they were. Thank you so much everyone for an amazing week.