Day 4


Surprisingly once again I was not woken up by my dive partner, Clayton Caldwell, but instead I was woken up by my alarm clock on my Ipad. After taking a shower, my roommates and I walked down to the street to wait for the taxi. When everyone got to the street, we got on the taxi and drove down to the dock, where we ate breakfast in the Dive BVI office. I ate a donut and some cereal. Then we hopped on the boat and sailed to ship wreck ally. During our dive in ship wreck alley, we scuba dived around the Beata. I saw many different types of fish species, a sting ray, and some sponges. After the ship wreck alley dive, we had to get back on the ship and wait for our nitrogen levels to drop. Then we jumped back into the water to do a live coral coverage. This is where we bring a rope down with us and attach it to a rock. After we attach it to a rock, we untangle the rope so that it is in a straight line. Then we look to see if any coral is under the line and measure them. Most of the coral that Clayton and I found was dead. When we finished the live coral coverage assignment, Clayton and I swam around the rock since we were close to the shore. After we got low on air we surfaced the got back on the boat to wait for everyone else. When everyone got back from the dive, we drove to Cooper Island, which was the place where we were eating. We had Fish and chips at Cooper Island. After we finished eating, we throw the frisbee and then hopped on the boat to go work on our artificial reef, which was going to be made out of cinder blocks. When we got to the dock, we started choosing which blocks we wanted to make our reef. I ended up making my part of the reef out of three cinder blocks. Two of the blocks are on the bottom and the other one is on the top. After we made our party of the reef, we had to put concrete in the one block that we were going to place the coral on. When we finished pouring the concrete into the block, we put a small wooden pole in the concrete, so we could attach the coral to the blocks. After about two hours, we finish and drove back to the cottages to take showers and get ready to go to Mad Dogs again. At Mad Dogs, we ate quesadillas and chips