Day 4


The first dive we did today was at wreck ally. Wreck alley is a section of purposely sunken ships off Cooper Island. These four ships were sunken in the late 1900’s purposely because of damage to the ships. On this dive our depth was about 85ft which is one of the deepest dive we’ve done. We went around and around the ships seeing rays and schooling snappers. This dive was also one of the most tiring, mainly because we had to surface swim 200 yards to the descending line. Our second dive was around 10:30 at another area off of coopers island called Shallow Chromis. At this site we did a research dive. On the dive we took weighted rope and laid transepts in the water and measure all of the live coral under the transepts. We recorded all of these measurements and we will be logging them. This is an important log because it is a sample of the healthy reefs in the BVI’s. For lunch we went to Cooper’s Island Beach Club for a feast of fish and chips along with a great fish talk with Caitlyn. For the second half of the day we design and cemented cinder blocks to creat a base for an artificial reef. Bleaching coral and anchor damage to coral are some of the biggest threat to the reef population. These artificial reefs will creat habitats for coral fragments and many other fish and marine life. Tomorrow we will be taking the cinder blocks to Long Bay and the Jesuit reef and dropping them to the bottom and attaching fragments of living coral to the blocks with zip ties. For dinner we went back to Mad Dogs for Mexican food. This was our last meal at Mad Dogs so we gave Inge, the owner, a grand thank you and goodbye.

Now again we are in the Internet room and I am going to bed.