Day 3


Surprisingly Today did not start with Clayton walking me up. It started when I woke up at 7:15. After waking up, I jumped in the shower and then walked down to the internet office to eat breakfast, which was chocolate donuts. During breakfast Dr. Gore, a turtle doctor, gave us another talk, but this time it was about turtle instead of the history of the BVI. I learn that there were once very many species of sea turtles throughout the world but now there is just 7 species. That was not the only thing I learned, I also learned that many turtles die because of human interaction. After Dr. Gore’s talk, we hopped on the boat and drove to Guana Island, a place where we were going to tag turtles. Sadly we came up empty, seeing that no one even saw a turtle. Although we look for turtles, Tucker and I also snorkeled around the bay. Shockingly, during our snorkel, Tucker spotted a nurse shark laying in the rocks. We also saw a lion fish, which Alex Curry tried to spear but came up empty as well. After we finished looking for the turtles, we went back to the dock, where we ate hamburgers at Bath and Turtle. Then we hopped back on the boat and went to Long Bay, which is the bay that holds the Jesuit reef. At the Jesuit Reef, we were split into groups of two and told to find our coral that we planted. After we find our coral we were suppose to measure the height and base and count how many points are on it. I was paired with my good friend Clayton Caldwell. During our search for our coral, Clayton and I ended up scuba diving past our reef and getting lost. After awhile of searching for our coral, we decided to surface and see where we were at. We ended up over shooting the reef by about 100 yards. We made it back to the boat safely. When we got back to the cottage from the dive, I took another shower and followed the group down to Mad Dogs. At Mad Dogs, we ate lasagna. Then we went back to the cottages to write our blogs.