Day Three


Today started off with a chocolate donut at the Internet cafe at Guavaberry from Casey. The breakfast is always great and I enjoyed it very much. After breakfast we had another talk for Dr. Gore. The talk was concerning turtles because we were going turtle tagging later that day. The power point was very interesting and I liked everything that she was saying. I thought it was very interesting how turtles have so many threats and also the stories of how some turtles are put into danger. The talk made me have a further appreciation for the presence of turtles in the marine life of the world considering how their numbers are seeming to lower in the world. While I was listening, I noticed that there was rain showers that were clouding over us. I hoped that wouldn’t effect our experience, but I wasn’t too worried because the island looked all the more beautiful in the rain. Following Dr. Gore’s presentation we all went down to the doc to go turtle tagging. When we got to our destination, Guana Island, along some small bays. We jumped in the water to be dragged by the boat at a very slow speed, called Manti towing, so that we could look in the water to spot turtles. I like this because I could snorkel at a fast speed and still look at all the beautiful marine life. Although we did not spot a turtle in our group, I still enjoyed the view from being dragged by the boat. After the attempted turtle tagging, we went to eat lunch at the doc. For lunch we had burgers and fries, which was a nice change of pace from the usual lunch and I liked it a lot. Once we finished lunch, Christian and I headed over the grocery store. The store is called Buck’s Grocery store, which I thought was quite a coincidence. After that short grocery store break, we continued to dive at our previous coral replanting site. This was very neat because dive buddy Chris and I were able to witness the outcome of our work and how it has succeeded and failed. It was a bummer to see the dead coral, yet it made me proud to see the coral that had triumphed. I recorded the number of the coral, while Chris recorded the height and took pictures. Also while doing this we were looking for places to put our artificial reef that we are going to work on Tomorrow. This project consists of putting cinder blocks and concrete into the ocean with bars to place the coral on. I hope that this coral strives and lives for a long time. The dive ended early for Chris and I because Chris was having issues with his ear, but there were no worries because we both enjoyed hanging out by the boat and looking at all of the nature of the BVIs. After the dive we headed back to the doc to get ready for dinner. When we got back to our room I took a shower and relaxed before we went to Mad Dogs. When we got to Mad Dogs, we had some really good lasagna with salad. After finishing the lasagne Chris and I had yet another sundae and hung out at Mad Dogs.

Today was loaded with such good activities, and so I hope tomorrow can be just as fun, but I think that would be pretty hard to accomplish. I am looking forward to tomorrow and all of the memories that will be created.