Cockroach Island and dat kayak


Today we woke up at 7:10 and got ready for the day. We walked to the commissary where Casey met us with fruit and donuts the size of small cakes. I ate 3 much food and waddled to the taxi for the marina. Glen the taxi driver took us to the marina where we got on our boat and chilled while Jeff took us to Deep Bay. Here we kayaked in the bay and mapped mangrove forests and beds of seagrass. Julian and I were a kayak team and went ham with that synchronization lyfe, so we were efficient. We shuttled around the bay for about 25 minutes then came back to the shore. We proceeded to snorkel around the turbulent bay and I didn’t see anything interesting besides an anemone and Julian doing various poses underwater. After swimming back to shore we had a few nutrigrain bars and I watched Alex make a wooden spear like Bear Grylls (he didn’t kill anything). We played nukum to pass the time and finally made the trek back to the boat. There was an opening to the ocean on the walk back where I took the best picture ever in the history of mankind. We got on the boat and drove (I guess that’s the word) to Leverick Bay to eat lunch and receive a lesson on coral and plate tectonics from Dr. Shannon Gore which was really interesting. We left Leverick Bay and went to Cockroach Island where we anchored and set our gear up for our dive. Julian and I jumped in and took stupid pictures of each other on the descent down (we got in trouble for this later so) with our new underwater cameras. After about 5 minutes underwater my camera died which I was happy about honestly because the cameras are somewhat distracting from the whole experience. I did get some killa pics tho if you know what I mean. This drive was the best dive I’ve ever been on and we saw a ton of awesome stuff like lobsters, file fish, pufferfish, squid, and fire coral. We came up from the dive and went home. The trip back to the marina and then the trip home were pretty normal but the scenery was still interesting to look at. Julian Andew and I walked back to the cottage and chilled there for an hour. I called first shower on the boat ride over but Julian decided that he would take the first shower anyway so that was nice. We walked to mad dogs and had wraps, potato salad, and noodles. After dinner we had a presentation on the coral reef we planted in 2012, which was mostly good news. We were debriefed on our plans for tomorrow and walked home. We have to wake up tomorrow at 7 again, 2chainz

Mad Dogs

The best picture known to man

Deep bay

Me at deep bay fo seer

Sea cucumber