BVI Day 2


Day 2 started when once again Clayton woke me up from my deep sleep. Once I got up, I took a shower and walked down to the office, a place where we ate lunch, which consisted of a donut, bagel, yogurt, and an orange. YES MOM I ATE AN ORANGE. After we finished our breakfast, Glenn, who is our taxi driver, drove us to the dock so we could get on the boat and drive to Deep Beach. At Deep Bay, we observed the mangroves in their natural habitat. A mangrove is a type of tree that is able to live in salt water. At first, I snorkeled with Joe and Clayton to find out what type of marine animals live near mangroves. After looking at one side of the bay for awhile and not seeing much, Joe and I decide to swim to the other, which was 200 yards away. Our attempt was a failure because the current was to strong, so Joe and I went to the beach. When we got to the beach, we hopped on a two man canoe. We paddled our way closer to the mangroves to get a better view. Then the whole group started to play volleyball on one of the sand volleyball field, after Joe and I paddled our way back to the shore. Winning in volleyball, the group hopped on the boat and drove to the Dive BVI shop on the other side of the island. At the other shop, we ate sandwiches and chips. After lunch, the boat took us to the Cockroach Island. At Cockroach Island, we scuba dived the site called The Visibles. I saw many different species of fish and coral. I also took many pictures, which will not be the pictures on the blog because I left my camera in the cottage. After the dive, we went back to the cottages to clean up and get ready for Mad Dogs. At Mad Dogs, we ate ham and tuna raps with potato salad. I managed to throw Curry’s frisbee into a tree while we were there too. The trip is a lot of fun and Thank you for sending me on this trip.