Day 3


Today’s wake up time was a vicious 7 am, so I stumbled out of bed at 7:30 and threw together my things in 5 minutes. Our first stop was the commissary for a nutritious breakfast of fruit and donuts and then off to the marina. After collecting ourselves no our her we boarded the boat and headed to Deep bay. On the ride there we saw a yacht club which was awesome, and we saw million dollar mountain mansions so I got my realtor on the phone. At Deep bay we both snorkeled and kayaked around the mangrove systems. In the first round I was a snorkeler and so I waded around with my mask and found starfish, a stingray, a lion fish, thousands of sea sponges and sea cucumbers. Kayaking was more enjoyable, I kayaked along the coast and then to the floating dock to check out what Guy and Tucker were doing. I found that they had seen a lion fish under the dock and needed someone to spear it so immediately Alex curry jumps out of the water to fasten a make shift spear out of wood, this made me uncomfortable. He jumped into the water to spear it and he scared it away. After this session we played a little volleyball, petted a horse named Benjamin and hiked back to the boat to head to Jeff and Casey’s other dive shop in Leverick bay. There we ate lunch and listened to Dr.Gore about coral in the BVI’s. after the talk we headed to our next dive site, the Visibles. This was one of the best dives I’ve been on. On the dive I saw a squid, a barracuda, a puffer fish, an army of lobster, jellyfish, fire worms, and lots of other colorful fish. Then we went home to shower for dinner and hiked to Mad Dogs for turkey wraps. Along with dinner was a slide show from Casey showing us the progress of the coral we planted last year, we did well. Now I’m tired good night!