The Day I Became a Sports Illustrated Model


My day started off much more enjoyably than yesterday morning. I woke up exhausted, but at the same time I was excited and ready to take on the day. Me and Jackson White then left the house to go have a delicious breakfast at the internet cafe, consisting of a donut equivalent in size to a regulation basketball and a PB and J sandwich. After our time in the cafe we proceeded to the cattle guard by the street to wait for everyone. We then divided into two groups; Marine Biology 1 and Marine Biology 2. Being a member of the Marine Biology 1 course I left with Caitlin, Doc and the students to The Baths, a famous spot for swimsuit photo shoots. Caitlin told us that Tyra Banks had a famous shoot in this spot. I haven’t seen that particular photograph, however I imagine it looks something like this.


After we made our way through the cave network, created by gaps between boulders, we arrived at Devil’s Bay. After taking in the beauty of the ocean we stepped into the water and began our snorkel back to Spring Bay. During the snorkel, the most interesting fish I saw was a dog snapper. We then ate lunch at Spring Bay, by far the most beautiful place I have ever been to. The highlight of my day came with the dive at West Dog Island that we did after our snorkel. I got to see our intern Fernando attempt to take down a lion fish. After his failed attempts, our guide Jeff took over, clipped the fish, and basically feed it to a moray eel. With its head bitten off, the lion fish then sunk to the bottom of the ocean. We also saw a large hawksbill sea turtle swimming surprisingly close to us. Following our two excursions we went back to the rooms, where me and jackson worked out again before dinner. We had a delicious dinner, at which Chris dropped his phone under the floorboards, causing him to crawl under the restaurant porch to retrieve it. Afterwards, I walked back to my cabin, grabbed my iPad, and headed back here to the internet cafe. Thats my story for today.


(Fernando attempting to spear gun the lion fish)