Productive Day 2


Today was an amazing day. I was woken up at 7 and we went down to eat breakfast at the sitting area at guavaberry. The breakfast was great because Casey had bought huge donuts for all of us. After breakfast I was looking forward to the hike that we were going to take with the mangroves that Laura had mentioned yesterday at the orientation. Therefore, after breakfast, glen took us to the doc to go to the resort at the other side of virgin Gorda were the mangroves are located. We drove the boat by the yacht clubs and stopped at the resort to go on a small hike to the beach that we were going to kayak and snorkel at. When we got here my dive buddy Chris and I were assigned to go on the kayaks to go around the bay and record the things that we saw in the water proof paper. The kayak was tiring, but it was worth it because Christian and Jeff put on a show by flipping heir kayak multiple times. Near the resort the was a horse staple where I was able to pet this horse that very nice. That was the first time I have ever been able to get that close to a horse for so long. After the kayaking we went on a snorkel in the bay to see what kind of fish we would see. While snorkeling we saw an eel, gray angel fish, a stingray, and many more marine species. Once we were done snorkeling, we went over to another part of virgin Gorda to have lunch on a dock. After a lunch of sandwiches, we went up to a store to hear a talk from Dr. gore. She talked about marine awareness and the history of coral. What I thought was most interesting about her talk was the topic on how a yacht tore open and lead balls fell out of boat to fill the coral reefs that were present in that area. It was interesting to hear how they are trying to get the people of this crime penalized. After the talk with dr. gore, we went on a dive at cockroach island. This dive was really awesome because it was completely for leisure and I could use my new underwater camera for the first time. On the dive I saw another eel and more feather coral that were really cool. Once we were done with dive we went back to the cabin and sprayed bug spray everywhere to get rid of all the little bugs that have been massacring Christian and I at night.then we went and had dinner at mad dogs that was ham and cheese tortilla wraps, pasta, and potato salad. I really enjoyed this dinner with a sundae after a long day of swimming and kayaking. I’m glad today was so great and I’m looking forward for tomorrow.