Day 2


Today started with another early morning at guavaberry where we ate a light breakfast before setting out to deep bay. At deep bay we briefly discussed mangroves and then got into the water and began snorkeling around the mangroves. We wrote down any fish we saw and how many we saw of them. During this snorkel, I found a lion fish which I failed at killing. After snorkeling, my dive buddy, guy, and I partnered up in a kayak and mapped the mangroves of deep bay. When we finished mapping, we absconded with a volleyball and began playing nukem on a sand volleyball court which resulted in my side coming out with a W. After proving our dominance, we hiked back to our boat and headed out to where we would eat our lunch. Once we were done eating our sandwiches, we packed into a room and listened to Doctor Shannon Gore talk about the history of the BVI and how to maintain the marine ecosystem. After this, we got back into the boat and headed out to our dive spot at cockroach island. Fortunately this cockroach was not alive. We promptly got into the water and began descending to the ocean floor where it was waiting to greet us with many spectacular sights. During this dive we saw many fish which included an eel, stingray, parrot fish, and company. I included a picture of the eel in this blog in case anyone was wondering what that picture was. So far this dive has been the best of the trip but I have no doubt that it will be topped by a different dive site this amazing set of islands has to offer. After finishing our dive, we headed back to Virgin Gorda where we unloaded the boat, loaded up the taxi and headed back to guavaberry. Once at guavaberry, we showered up and set out to mad dogs where we had wraps. After we ate Casey went over coral reef planting which included how our reef was doing from last, what we can do better, and what we are going to do this week. Today was another great day and I look forward to what the rest of the week holds.