Day 1 Blog


I awoke this morning in a cold sweat to the intrusion of roommate Zac Bishkin, kindly reminding me that I had mistakenly set my alarm to Dallas time, subsequently moving it an hour behind. After this I put on my red, 5 inch in-seem swim trunks and left my cabin with my gear. We took our taxi, which was practically an augmented truck with 5 rows of open air bench seating, to the Old Yarde for breakfast. After a filling breakfast we spent about an hour listening to a presentation on various marine species that are indigenous to the British Virgin Islands. After we listened to this interesting talk, we had some free time to throw the football around and witness a tourist order drinks no later than 10:30 in the morning. After our free time we gathered in the same dining hall to eat sandwiches for lunch. Then we were all set to head out for our first dive on the Sea Monkey Boat with Caitlyn, Jeff, Pablo, and Fernando as our guides. The people in my group for the dive, headed by Caitlyn and apprentice Pablo, were me, Zac, Matt, and Nick. The coolest fish I saw on the dive was a trumpetfish posing as a coral. I thought that this was particularly interesting due to the astonishing fact that it remained motionless in open water so as to avoid predators (us). The water was 82 degrees and the sky was partly cloudy as we surfaced and headed back to port. We then had down time in our cabin, which was filled with me Zac and Jackson working out. I can probably do more pushups than Doc, just saying. Then we showered and went to dinner at Mad Dog’s. After a gluttonous meal, during which I consumed 8 slices of pizza, we threw the football and the frisbee in a field until dark and headed back. Once we got to the cabins I grabbed my iPad and headed here to the internet cafe.



Photo cred to Doc