The wait has ended


Once we had a long day of traveling, Christian, Chris, Alex and I finally got to our wonderful room at the Guavaberry resort. In the room we had some nice snack and Gatorade waiting for us after being in an airport for a near day. In the morning we woke up at seven and got ready for the breakfast that was waiting for us at Old Yarde. At Old Yarde I had a muffin and apple juice which were delicious. Following breakfast we talked about all of the dive instructors and ourselves. The instructors introduced themselves to all of us, although the marine II people already knew most of them. The other instructors that I was not familiar with were interns that want to become dive masters. I thought that was very interesting because of how awesome it is that they are working here. After then introducing ourselves we introduced ourselves and received a t-shirt. Next, we had a break and then talked all about fish and what we were going to do over the course of the week. It was all so interesting and I’m so excited for the days to come. Then we had a break and had lunch. The lunch was sandwiches made by the chef they at Old Yarde. After lunch the we went to the dock to get ready to go our dive that I had been looking so much forward to. Once we got to the doc, that Glen the driver dropped us off at, we reviewed safety concerns and and signals underwater that we will need to know. Then we received our BCDs and regulators and set them up with our tanks. We put them on our boat win our instructors who are Jeff, Casey, and Laura. The group that I am diving with is instructed by Casey and the group contains Jeff, Christian, Joe, Chris, Guy, and Tucker. I’m looking forward to the future dives that we are going to do with our group. At the dive site we got our weight belts and ready with our divebuddy, which Chris and I are divebuddies. After we got in the water to test if our weight was good, we started descending. Descending is one of my favorite parts of a dive, pertly because I like popping my ears. During the dive, I was so happy to be he because I saw so many things that’s were so beautiful. I saw the feather coral that I love because they suck back into the coral when they are close to being touched. I also saw squid which I think are one of the coolest hangs in the ocean because of how they swim. After the dive we went back to guavaberry and got ready for dinner. When we were ready for dinner we wen to Mad Dogs, where we had pizza. The pizza was great and on top of that I had a brownie sundae tHa was very good. Later at Mad Dogs we got our underwater cameras ready that are awesome gifts from Jeff and Casey. I’m so excited to use my underwater camera and see the great pictures of my adventures through the reefs.

All in all, today was great way to start he week, and I am very excited about tomorrow. I can’t wait to sleep and wake up 7 in the morning.