Day One in BVI


Man oh man is traveling through the San Juan Airport fun. But, no matter how long and brutally bad sitting on multiple runways having your plane fixed in front of you is, there’s singular thing that all Marine Biology 2 guys and our teachers were eagerly awaiting, a hug from Casey, a sarcastic remark from Jeff, a “hi-hi” from Glen, and the always great pasta dinner.

With this years cabin mates, Christian Koeijmans, Buck Lyon, and Alex Curry, all settled into our cabins, stuffing down some Mac-and-cheese laced with beef jerky, and sipping on the sweetest Gatorade ever, we began to reminisce about the past, and anticipate the future. Soon we found ourselves sleeping under fans on full blast and eagerly dreaming of the next few days we will spend under the sea, soaking up rays, and soaking up even more knowledge.

This morning I awoke to a figure in my doorway wearing an orange PFG, a hat and sipping on a cup of coffee. While many have confused them before, Christian Koeijmans and Doctor Gruninger have never been similar in my eyes. Until my eyes were groggy, sleepy, and half opened. So after the days first speed bump we headed down to the entrance to Guavaberry, and began our mission. Soon after a wonderful breakfast, we were introduced and re-introduced to our dive leaders, Jeff 2.0, Laura, Fernando, Pablo, and Caitlin.

Then began our first test of the trip. Laura quizzed and re-quizzed us about the over 700 species of coral and fish in the BVI. Soon after, we once again satisfied the palate with a wonderful sampling of chicken, ham and cheese, and fish sandwiches, we headed out to do my, and many others, first dive since leaving BVI a year ago.

After buying some new booties, someone had the audacity to take them out of my packed bag, we headed out to our first dive site. Casey said we did fantastic, I say we did alright but Casey probably knows a little bit better. The dive ended, we drove back to port, and headed to shower up while our 22 pizzas were carefully and beautifully crafted in what must be the finest kitchen in the land.

Dinner at Maddogs. Classic Marine Biology Move. Once again Inga provided a fantastic Ice Cream Sundae.

Perhaps the most special moment of the trip came next, when Jeff and Casey presented us with “Graduation Gifts,” cameras with underwater holsters. Words can never express how much that means. After spending a week with these people a full year ago, they cared enough about us to get us these amazing gifts. What great role models and people.

Pictures will follow tomorrow taken with our new cameras, once again what a wonderful and welcome sight the McNutts always are.

See y’all tomorrow!20130716-212043.jpg