Day 1


Day one started off with Clayton Caldwell, who is rooming with Matt Mizzini and I, waking me up at 6:30. After I woke up I hopped in the shower and walked down to the street to wait for the taxi. The taxi dropped us off at Old Yarde, where we ate our breakfast, which consisted of eggs, blue berry muffins, and some fruit. Then Casey, our amazing scuba instructor, started talking about what we were going to done while we were at the BVI. Laura, who is another brilliant scuba instructor, showed us a presentation on the fish in the British Virgin Islands, after Casey’s talk. During the time we spent at the Old Yarde, we were give DC1400 cameras, which can go down to 200 ft from Jeff and Casey. Then we ate lunch and went down to the dock to get on the boat to do our check out dive. On the check out dive, we were told to take out our regulator and put it back in, take out our regulator and throw it over your shoulder and then put it back in, and fell our goggles up with water and blow the water out. After those exercises, we swam around the coral reef. During the dive, I saw a squirrel fish, angel fish, many blue tang and other marine animals. After the dive, we went back up to the cottages to take showers and change clothes so we could go eat at Mad Dogs. At Mad Dogs, we ate pizza and throw the football with Jeff. Don’t Worry Mom I Will Take More Pictures Tomorrow With My New Camera. THANK YOU CASEY AND JEFF FOR THE CAMERAS!!!