Day 1


Yesterday, we arrived in the BVI quite late. With just our luck, we experienced a delay on the plane from Miami to San Juan, but eventually we made it. Today began with an early morning. We all met at the cattle guard at the bottom of the hill, and Glen, our taxi driver, drove us to the Old Yard where we had breakfast. After breakfast, we introduced, or reintroduced, ourselves to the Dive BVI staff, and met some great new people. Then we broke up into our marine 2 and 1 groups. In the marine 2 group, we received a little surprise, and talked about our schedule for the rest of the week. The separate groups then met back up to review our fish identifying skills, which were surprisingly spectacular. We then enjoyed sandwiches for lunch. After lunch we tossed the pigskin and frisbee around, and nearly lost the frisbee a few times. We then headed to the dock to review how to assemble our gear and review our hand signals, which were a bit rusty. After getting on the boat we went out to our dive site which I don’t remember the name of (I think it had the word trunk in it). After getting out there we put on our scuba gear. My dive buddy, Tucker, and I jumped in the water. We nervously descended down and followed our dive guide, Casey McNutt. At around 8 meters down, we reviewed our dive skills, which restored our confidence in our dive skills. We took about a 40 minute tour of the area, and returned to the boat. While ascending, Casey spotted a group of about three squid. After climbing aboard the ship, we returned to the dock to take a taxi back to the cabins to shower and get ready for dinner at Mad Dogs. At dinner we feasted on some delicious pizza, then nearly lost a frisbee at least 4 times. On one an endeavor to find the frisbee, a small cactus snuck up in front of me while I was running and I kicked it. After I realized what I had done, Buck pulled the cactus spines out of my toe quickly, so it would hurt less. It didn’t slow me down, as I continued to impress people with my incredible football skills. Although I was disappointed that Mad Dogs did not have corn hole this year, I quickly forgot about it once we opened our surprise. This surprise was an underwater camera for the veterans of the trip, the marine biology 2 students, which we are so grateful for. After setting up e camera, we walked back to the resort. All in all, it was a great day, and I am so happy to be back. I am also so thankful for the camera I have received and cannot thank the Dive BVI staff enough.

Happy Birthday Bryony!