BVI Nights 1 & 2


Upon arriving to the BVIs, Killian, Andrew, and I were exhausted, and went to bed after devouring our Max n’ Cheese dinner provided to us. However, after Andrew found two spiders climbing on him while he was in bed, we found an enormous Tailless Whip-Tale Scorpion hiding out in a corner of our room. After annihilating the arachnid with our weapon of choice (Guavaberry’s broom), we lost all hope of sleep and ended up falling asleep at 3:00am.

As we resentfully woke up and packed for our first day in the BVI, starting with breakfast at the Old Yarde Resort. After having a wonderful meal, we introduced ourselves to the new members of the Dive BVI staff and received Jesuit Marine Biology shirts, as well as a brand new underwater dive camera. this camera was a gift to the Marine Biology 2 students from our generous instructors: Laura, Casey, and Jeff McNutt. Shortly after, we watched Laura’s fish ID presentation. Later that day, Glenn, our driver, took us out to the Virgin Gorda shoreline, where Jeff Jr. drove us out to do a refresher scuba dive, where Laura acted as our instructor for the day. This dive reminded how amazing and clear the BVI waters are, teeming with vibrant coral and several different kinds of wildlife. So far, the trip has been just as wonderful of an experience as I expected it to be after last years unforgettable trip.