Day 1 BVI – Round 2


Back in the BVI… We started out waking up early to a great breakfast at Olde Yard, followed by a presentation by Laura on fish habitats and fish identification. After the presentation, Casey gave us a big surprise. Dive BVI granted all of the marine biology 2 students DC1400 underwater cameras. We will be using these cameras for the rest of our trip and will be able to take them home. We relaxed for a bit by the pool and then had lunch again at Olde Yard. After lunch, we headed straight to the docks for our first dive. This dive was primarily for assessing our skills underwater and getting re-acclimated to diving. We went down about 45 feet or so and then ascended after 45 minutes. After heading back to our cabins after the dive, we went to Mad Dog’s for dinner. 22 boxes of pizza for 26 people. Sweet. Our fantastic dinner was followed by Jeff and Casey teaching us how to use our cameras. All the food has left me tired, but still eager to get back out for more fun tomorrow.