Gavin Patterson – First Blog


I signed up for Marine Biology 2 because I thought Marine Biology 1 was a lot of fun and Marine Biology 2 could only get better. I also signed up for Marine Biology again because I wanted to learn more about the ocean and how humans are harming it. I am looking forward to catching lion fish down in the BVI to help protect the other species of animals, who are being killed by the lion fish. I am also looking forward to hanging out with my friends in the BVI. This week in class, we learned a lot about how coral reefs are being harming by humans and nature. On one of the days, Mr. Kirby decided to play a funny joke on us by claiming that our reefs that we plant in the BVI were killed by us and the coral that we broke off killed more coral than it helped. Since we apparently killed the coral, Mr. Kirby wrote a letter, which he was posing as a top guy in the BVI, telling us we had to write a letter telling him why we should be able to plant coral again. On another day, we taught the marine Biology 1 students about mangroves. After teaching them, we all had to take a little quiz, proving that I am not a good teacher. On the last day of the week, we learned about polymerase chain reaction and how to copy DNA. By learning this, we were able to go into the lab and do an experiment on the polymerase chain reaction.