Friday Assignment


1) Why did you sign up for MBII and what are you looking forward to the most?

I signed up for MBII because the first trip to the BVI was an extremely fun and incredible experience. I learned a lot more than I expected to on the trip and enjoyed it tremendously, and hope to have a repeat performance. The thing I am looking forward to most on MBII is the snorkeling in places such as Savannah Bay.

2) What did we do this week?
-re-education on corals
-mangrove lesson; taught MBI about mangroves
-wrote a fake letter to the government of the BVI explaining our mistakes and how we can better the reefs
-class worksheet on DNA replication through PCR using TAQ bacteria
-actual lab replicating fish DNA using an enzyme bead, water, fish DNA, and a thermo-cycler
-took a couple quizzes on material learned or relearned
-took our breaks in the senior courtyard