Buck Lyon


I signed up for marine biology II because of the great experience that I had in Marine Biology I. There is so much aspects of marine life that I learned last year, that it would seem like a clear wasted opportunity to not sign up. What I am looking forward to most is seeing how well our coral planting has gone since we had planted it the previous year. This week in summer school the first couple days were an overview of coral reefs. Next, we had a lesson on mangroves that we then had to teach to the marine bio I students. Then we had to right a paper as a class because we thought we were being fined for our faulty coral planting, which was all made up by Mr. Kirby. Last, on Friday we did a lab that involved fish DNA and the DNA polymerase after we had a lesson on it. This lesson helped me understand how DNA works and how useful and important it is to our future studies in marine biology. Clearly, it was great week with a lot to look forward to.