Dallas – Week One Blog


I signed up for Marine Biology for the second year for a few reasons; the amazing opportunity to visit a foreign country with your high school class, connect with people living in a completely different world than your own, and further my knowledge of our earth and how it all works together. The opportunity to travel to BVI with some of my best friends, with teachers that I respect and idol, yes Doc you too, and experience the alternate universe that lives beneath our oceans. But mostly I signed up because we get class credit to hang out with our friends for a week, scuba dive, and enjoy the amazing British Virgin Islands; who wouldn’t want that?

I am most looking forward to the night dive that we plan on doing this year and our community service project of removing Lionfish, an invasive species, from the coral reefs surrounding BVI.

Our first week in class we learned about coral reefs and how they work, we shot a service announcement on threats to coral reefs, we taught Marine Biology 1 about mangrove trees, and we researched PCR and DNA replication in relation to bacteria infected fish.