Week 1 summer school


I signed up for marine biology 2 because I was hoping to have as much fun as I did last year. I am looking forward to traveling back to the British Virgin Islands and all the dives we will be participating in. Unfortunately, this trip is not until July; however, in the first week of summer school we reviewed corals (how they grow and reproduce), and made a video which explained the corals and how we could preserve them in certain cases. On day 3, we taught the marine biology 1 about mangroves, and we all took a quiz. We learned that Tucker and I are the future teachers of the class because our quiz average was the best. On day 4 we took part in an activity that pretended we were fined for hurting coral when we did transplanting last year. On day 5 we learned about replicating DNA through PCR, then practiced our new techniques that we learned and replicated some fish DNA in the lab. All in all, it was a solid week one in the classroom.