Sam Wyand


1.) Why this class?

I have always been fascinated with the ocean. Spending time at near the ocean and in the ocean is my favorite thing without a doubt. I want to be a marine biologist more than anything and because I know it is a very hard field to be successful in and get in, I wish to get as far as I can because of my passion for the subject.

2.) Diving experience?

I’m currently taking my dive sessions. I took my first one yesterday and take another session today. Not this weekend but the next I take my check dive at a lake/spring and I am very excited. I have been snorkeling before and it is a blast and from my diving expense yesterday I am ecstatic about getting into the ocean and doing the real thing. It was all I talked about at dinner last night with my family.

3.) Things you are looking forward to most

I have an obsession with sea turtles and even if I don’t get to tag one, I can not wait to just see them and interact with them. I love them so much and when I went to Hawaii and saw my first turtle I fell in love instantly. The only other creature I have to see is a sea star which is another one of my favorites as well as an octopus and from what I have heard already I will probably be seeing both so I am so excited. I look forward to it everyday and always think about it.