Third day


Day 3,

Today we got to delve into Marine organisms. I had a lot of trouble because at the start of the day I put my contacts in the wrong solution. My eyes burned up I could barely take them out. Casey was nice enough to go back to my cabin and grab the other solution so I could put my contacts in after excruciating pain. The day started off with Laura giving a presentation on the different species. Some of us were so tired they couldn’t really pay attention, but I was pretty into it. We then went to savannah bay where we snorkeled and I helped put together a touch pool with Laura, Brian, and Casey. We had a make your own sandwich lunch and then gathered around our touch pools. We looked up each organism in a marine textbook to talk about each one. After the touch pool and lunch, we went back to the docks and got ready to dive the chimney. Now one of my favorite dives, the Chimney was a large reef filled with all types of fish and corals, which the dive masters pointed out and identified as many as they could without stopping every three seconds. We dove about 60 feet and the water was amazing with only a very small current. After the dive we went back to our cabins before going to mass and then a beachside grill. Jeff cooked up burgers and bratwursts which everyone ate eagerly. Casey then lead a night snorkel. We saw an octopus, a few rays, and some very large fish, as well as immature jellyfish that looked like little translucent worms floating in the water. It was a great day and I can’t wait for the Rhone tomorrow.