Last Day BVI


Today was a really nice day because I was really able to enjoy the British virgin islands. We first woke up and ate breakfast outside in from of the counselors cabin. After this we went straight to this wall to do community service. Here what we did was we painted a portion of the wall and also concrete squares that contained trees. My group had the concrete part that needed to be painted blue. I thought the we did the best job of painting our part because t looked so nice. After finishing painting the blue part. I went and painted over these dolphins that were fading away from a previous paint job. This took a long time because I had to focus really hard in order to not make mistakes on the previous painting. Suddenly while I was painting the dolphins it started raining. To me this was horrible because the blue part the my group had painted around the tree was now dripping instead of drying. It was that big of a deal though because it eventually dried and looked great. On our portion of the actual wall that was given to Jesuit, was a painted a diving logo with a Jesuit cross over it. Once we were done painting, we went back up to the room to get ready for lunch. Lunch was great because we had sandwiches. After lunch we got the rest f the afternoon off for free time. At around three o’clock we all went down to the beach and just sat there and enjoyed it. It was nice to really enjoy the surrounding environment that I was in and soak it all in. Next we got ready for our last dinner. This dinner was really nice because were on a porch and it overlooked the sunset so it was really beautiful. the dinner was really nice also and aft we watch the sideshow and movie that was made for us, which were amazing. Next we all said our favorite thing about the trip and mine was that we did the coral planting. Then we gave the dive intructors gifts and said thank you for everything that they had done. This was actually really sad to say goodbye to them because of how kind they were and how fortunate we were to have them on this trip guiding us. Once dinner was over we went back to the room to get packed and also get somewhat of a good nights sleep with waking up at 5. I really enjoyed the whole trip and everyone that was on it. I learned so much and the memories from this trip will be with me forever.