Last Day BVI


If you have been following my blogs, you might think that they sounded a bit rushed. This might be due to the fact that my iPad was stuck in a safe for 2 days and I had to write 4 blogs in one day so that they would be turned in on time. I will make sure that this blog will meet them standard of all of my classmates for this past week.

Tuesday morning, my roommates and I awoke to the sound of Mr. Nevitt rapping on the side of the porch door. I took a shower and headed down to the cattle guard with Alex to wait for the teachers and the rest of the students to arrive. Once everyone was present, we walked about half a mile to the service site. Luke curran had a brilliant idea for the mural so while he worked on the outline, the others including myself painted cement flower containers with palm trees planted within from they previous week. My group painted our container bright yellow while the others painted theirs bright blue and green. My group happened to paint the fastest surprisingly so we also painted the last container white while everyone else was finishing up. then came the artistic part of the day. I was assigned to color all of the fainted black areas on all of the 24 murals. We first started my touching up Martin Luther King Jr.’s body and microphones. This took about 45 mins. Alex and I then proceeded to outline a fancy version of the words, “Virgin Gorda.” Overall, the job really improved the quality of the murals. I feel that the community service project was needed and really benefited the community in a very positive manner.

The teachers awarded will a needed 4 hours of free time. As expected, all of us headed. To the beach where a 3h 30min session of full contact frisbee. Everyone was tackling and pushing, fighting for the frisbee. Even Dr. Gruninger joined in and was pushing a little too. I not sure if it’s allowed but he was good at it. We returned to our cabins to prepare for the banquet later that night

At the banquet, everyone had a good time especially watching the videos prepared by the staff and crew. The videos were great and it was very sad to say goodbye to people that we spend so much time with. I said goodbye to Brian and we had shared a small inside joke. I then said, “I don’t think you know my name.” He simply replied, “Not really.” I thought it was hilarious.

The week was great and I can’t really put into words. Even though I was a little quiet for most of the week and didn’t participate as much others, I learned so much and would strongly recommend this trip to anyone who is remotely interested in science. It was the best week of my life.