Day 6 and 7:


Day 6 and 7:
Day 6 began with another early morning but instead of meeting down at the cattle guard, we met at the teachers cabins. At there cabins we had a little breakfast and talked about what we were going to do during the day. After breadth we gathered up our stuff and headed to the walls we would be planting. Soon after we arrived we began painting the cement planters that had little trees in them. After I finished with that, I went to help with the mural Luke was working on, in the middle of it, we were cut short by a rain storm. We quickly cleaned up and had to head back to the cabins. Once at the cabins, we had a short break but then we headed down to the beach for another day of fun. When at the beach we got the frisbee out and played with that for a little while. When I got tired of that I played on the skim board, that we rented from guava berry, for a little while. When I was all worn out, I took a little break by getting a chair, setting it out in the water and just relaxing for a little while. When I was ready to go, I got up and played some more frisbee. After frisbee, we packed up and headed back to our cabins. At our cabins we got washed up for our final banquet dinner. When everyone was ready, we got in the taxi and headed to the dinner. Once there we took some canal photos, sat down, and waited for the meal. The actual meal was amazing, probably the best I had while I was there. When everyone was done, Casey and Laura both had videos for us to see and they were equally awesome. After the videos, everyone got a chance to speak and say what they loved about the trip and to thank the Dive BVI team. We said our final good byes to Laura and Brian because we would not see them in the morning and then headed back to our cabins. Once at our cabins, we got ready for bed and went to sleep. Our sleep was short lasted because we had a 4:30 wake up time. Thankfully we had already packed so we could just wake up and leave. We got in the taxi and headed to the docks to catch our boat to the airport. At the docks we met up with Casey and Jeff. Casey and a small breakfast waiting for us on the boat. The boat ride felt pretty short, and once we reached the airport, we had to say our final goodbyes to Casey and Jeff. After that we went into the airport, got our boarding passes and were on the first flight in no time. One in San Juan we took our seats ready to take on a 4 hour lay over. Our plane was delayed til 3 then til 9. During this long layover we ate, watched movies, slept and played cards to pass the time. Finally we boarded our plane after a 13 hour layover, eager to get home. The plane ride felt short compared to the layover, and we were in Dallas in no time. Once in Dallas we met with our parents and headed home. This whole trip was absolutely phenomenal, the land was breathtaking, the diving was fantastic, and the dive BVI team was astounding. I would personally like to thank Jeff, Casey, Laura, and Brian for giving us an unforgettable trip. The trip could not have been any better. Thank you.

Pic 1-4: Photo cred. Guy Harris