Days 6 & 7


Today was a laid back day. I woke up early, and just chilled on the patio until we had to walk to breakfast at the teachers cabins. We ate muffins, croissants, and had caprisun to drink. It was a breakfast that tasted very good. After breakfast we walked down to the cattle guard, and waited for the teacher in order to start walking down to the service. This was just down the road, where there are many walls, which were well painted due to the work of the group that came the week before. When we got there we were told what we were painting. We painted four flower bed holders. One was blue, one was green, one was yellow, and one was white. They looked wonderful, and bring the white walls behind them to life. The majority of the group painted flower beds. Other painted the mural on one of the walls, which was dedicated for us to paint. Luke chose for us to paint the dive symbol, red badge with a white diagonal stripe across, the Jesuit cross, and our initials on the wall. While he painted this, I was assigned the job of painting the white wall, in order to make it more white. While doing this, others did touch up jobs on other murals, making them more lively by re-painting some of the faded colors. The rain began to fall. It started in a light drizzle, so we kept painting, but the rain began to fall harder so we packed up our stuff and walked back to the cabins. At the cabins we tried to wash off most of the dried paint. We walked back to the cattle guard where we took the taxi to Olde Yard for the last time. At Olde Yard we at lunch, comprised of ham, turkey, and chicken sandwiches. After lunch we were told to sit with our dive buddies for our final exam comprised of two questions, and a presentation of the questions answered. Joe and I hit it out of the park, and answered the question with two solid answers. After the final we hopped back on the taxi to return to the cabins in order to get ready to go to the beach. At the beach we used a skim board along the shore line, which I used but was so bad at. As I continued to use it I kept getting better. Before we left the beach everyone participated in a large frisbee game that got very intense. We had fun. After the beach we went to our going away feast. It was a restaurant literally over the water. We watched a video with all our pictures put together. this was put together very well. After that we all said our favorite thing about the amazing trip. After that we gave presents to the guides, which put in so much effort in order of us to have a great trip. After dinner we returned to the cabins to get packed. The next morning we got up at 4:30 and boarded a boat at 5:15. We landed in San Juan, Puerto Rico at 8:30. We went through customs and got to our gate. Our plane was supposed to leave at around 12, but we were delayed until 3 due to mechanical issues. 5 minutes after that delay, another was issued in which we would have had to stay at the airport until 9, the time our plane was to depart. We had a 12 hour layover in San Juan. We ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner in an airport. We landed back in Dallas around 1 in the morning. Yesterday was such a long day.

This past week was so much fun. This was because of the dedication the instructors put into the week. Thank you Casey, Jeff, Brian, and Laura. I had a blast and hope to be back next year!

1) Tucker and I on the beach
2) tucker, Dylan, and I on the beach,
3) Tucker and I at dinner
4) Dive group and dive instructor: Casey