Day 5 on Virgin Gorda


Today we began the day knowing that it would be our final day of diving. So we tried to make it a good one. After a little shopping right after we woke up, we all hopped aboard our boats and set off for Long Bay. We snorkeled around a little to check out the place we would be transplanting and replanting coral. We tried to find both elk horn and stag horn coral but we were only able to find some elkhorn. After about 45 minutes of snorkeling we got back onto the boat and got ready to go down for the dive. Then we took to it. Gathering enough coral so that each of us could plant 3 pieces of coral, we quickly finished and selected the site where we would place the coral. We surfaced for lunch. After about and hour and a half we descended and planted them. I got to place 5 corals in Long Bay. My group finished pretty quick so we got to just do a little bit of swimming off of the back of the boat. We then headed back to the marina where we said goodbye to Sea Monkey and Sea Dragon. The highlight of the week so far was when I finally made Doctor Gruninger laugh. After showering up and hanging out for a while, we walked up to Mad Dog’s where we had our last meal there. A great meal of Mac and Cheese and wraps were waiting for us as we played our last night of sand bag toss. We all filled out our dive log’s and then walked back down to the cabins. can’t wait for community service and then relaxation on the beach tomorrow!

Dive buddies for life! Thanks to Mr. Kirby for the great action shot.