Day 5


Day 5:
Day five started off normal with another early morning. We took our taxi to the docks where we met up with Jeff, Laura, Casey, and Brian. They had a little breakfast prepared for us, before we went out on the boats. When we were done eating we loaded up the boats, prepared our gear, and headed out to long bay where we would be replanting staghorn and elkhorn coral. When reached our destination we saw a green turtle but then we carefully anchored and got suited up for snorkeling. During this first snorkel we scouted the area for some healthy elkhorn and staghorn coral that we could use to break off pieces and tie them down to a suitable substrate that would allow them to grow and flourish. When we were done scouting the area, we headed back to the boat. Once on the boat we had a quick snack but then got suited up for a dive. When everyone was ready we jumped in and began our descent. Once on the bottom we headed to the spots where we had spotted coral earlier during our snorkel. When we found some healthy coral, we broke off fragments using a weight and a knife. We then stored the coral in a mesh bag we brought down from the boat. Once we got a good amount of coral, we headed back to the boat to take a break before our next dive. When back on our boat we got out some sandwich materials and proceeded to make our own lunch. After our lunch, and some casual conversations, we started to get ready for our next dive. When we were ready we got in the water and descended. When we arrived at the bottom we headed to the spot where we left our mesh bags filled with the coral fragments. We took the bag and looked for good spots to replant them. When we would find a good spot, we would measure the coral, tag it,mother zip tie it to the appreciate substrate. I zip tied three and held down two. It was a pretty fun dive and also meaningful. It felt good to know that you are helping to ensure life for these corals. When we were done replanting, we swam around looking at some other sea life then returned to the boat. Once on the boat we waited for everyone else by doing dives off the end of the boat but once everyone arrived, we packed up and headed home. Once at the docks we helped to unload the boats and then walked around for a little while. When everyone was done walking around we got into the cab and went back to our cabins to wash up and nap up. After my nap and shower we met at the cattle guard then we walked to mad dogs looking for revenge in corn hole. Once we got there we had wraps and Mac and cheese which was quite good but once we were finished guy and I go the corn hole game started. Unfortunately our bad luck continued and we lost in our second game. After a couple more games we played again but lost again. From there we decided our reign was over and we should stop before we lost anymore. Save what was left of our pride. After that we logged in our dives and then gathered together and headed back to do our blogs. Overall day 5 was very fun and even more meaningful.

Pic 1: photo cred. Doc Gruninger
Pic 2: photo cred. Doc Gruninger